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Premium Access Control Device 'SG-7000'


SG-7000 is a smart access control system that can be used for the verification of the visitors through the user recognition module and biometrics, open and close control of the door, intrusion monitoring, notification to the designated place as well as the video, communication and monitoring of inside and outside of the facility by installing at the door.
The product is consisted of full touch screen LCD, finger print input and recognizing sensor, mic, proximity sensor, camera and RFID/ NFC.
The most 3 attractive and differentiated advantage of SG-7000 from the other product is wide screen display, smart design and wireless key.
Thanks to 7 inches LCD display, various service is available. Most of the products of other companies are inconvenient in transmitting the visual information to the users due to the small size of the display. Since SG-7000 applied full touch screen based 7 inches display, various services such as product and company advertisement and notification display etc. are available.
In the meantime, when problem occurred, the captured images of the verified person can be analyzed, and the monitoring, analysis and print of the statistics data is also available by interfacing with the management software. Access control is a basic function and terminal can be used independently for the simple system cases.


  • Identification method: Fingerprint, RF Card, Wireless Key, ID Number
  • 7 Inch Capacitive Full Touch Screen LCD
  • Face Capturing Camera
  • Video Phone : Analog Door Phone
  • Interface: TCP/IP, RS232/485, USB 2.0, Micro SD, Wiegand, Door Relay, 802.11 b/g/n(Optional), 802.15.4, etc
  • Multi-language Support
  • Multi Services: Access Control, Time Attendance, Meal Count Management etc.



TCP/IP, RS-232/485, USB 2.0(Device), USB 1.1(host), Micro SD Card, Micro SD card, Wiegand, Door Relay, IEEE 802.15.4, etc.


667MHz, 32bit ARM11 RISC Processor






(optional 4GB extend)

 Fingerprint Sensor

 Optical, 500DPi

 Fingerprint Recognition Speed

 3,000 Fingerprints/1.0sec

 Template Capacity

 200,000 (1:1)

 Max User


 Log Capacity

 Log: 1,000,000

Face Image Log: 10,000


 13.56MHz (Mifare)


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